2021 Soldering Equipment Service Excellence Award

The 2021 Service Excellence Award for Soldering Equipment was given to Heller Industries. Circuits Assembly recognizes companies that receive the highest customer service ratings, as judged by their own customers.

“We are proud to receive this prestigious award for Soldering Equipment. It is especially gratifying since this honor comes from the CUSTOMERS themselves. Greatly Appreciated! ” commented Marc Peo.

Customers of the Service Excellence Awards participants rate each company on a scale of 1 (poor) to 7 (best in class) in five service categories. This is the 29th year CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY has sponsored the awards program.

Company of the Year Award (Soldering Equipment)

“As surface mount technology continues to transition into Industry 4.0, growing complexity in printed circuit boards and increasing assembly yields inhibit manufacturers. If these companies cannot meet high-demand volume efficiently, customers will suffer and lose confidence in them. As an established leader, manufacturer, and pioneer in the surface mount technology reflow soldering oven market, Heller Industries continues to excel through its continuous innovation and customer-centric mindset. The company continues its agility and adaptability, maintaining production and processes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, delivering industry-leading ovens that guarantee the lowest total cost of ownership, with a 40% to 50% reduction in nitrogen consumption’ minimized maintenance needs, and up to 40% in energy savings. For its unmatched technological expertise, laser focus on customer success, unmitigated adaptability, and a strong overall performance, Heller Industries is recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Global Company of the Year Award for the surface mount technology soldering equipment market”

View Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Global Surface Mount Technology Soldering Equipment Company of the Year Award for the SMT reflow oven technology market.

2017-2018年 Engineering Co-Op Award


Jim Nevilleは、ヘラーインダストリーズのCanhui Yuに対する優れた指導が評価され、2017-2018 Engineering Co-op Awardを受賞しました。.

2017年 Frost & Sullivan Award

ヘラーインダストリーズは、工業4.0を実現する表面実装技術(SMT)はんだ付け設備で、2017年グローバルFrost & Sullivanのカンパニー・オブ・ザ・イヤー賞を受賞しました。- 製造技術の自動化とデータ交換。 [more]